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Chalmers Motor Company

The Chalmers Motor Company was formed in 1908 when Hugh Chalmers took over the Thomas-Detroit Motor Company.  Thomas-Detroit was started in 1906 by E. R. Thomas in Detroit, Michigan, USA.  Hugh Chamlers took over as president in 1908 and renamed the company Chalmers-Detroit.  The company was then renamed to Chalmers in 1910.  The car quickly became one of the most popular automobiles in America, producing over 20,000 vehicles a year.  After WWI, sales slowed and in the early 20's Chalmers fell on tough times.  Teaming with Maxwell, they tried to overcome their financial woes.  In 1922, however, Walter P. Chrysler took over the Maxwell Motor Company and later Chalmers.  The last model year for the Chalmers was in 1924, only 9,000 vehicles were produced.  From the ashes of Maxwell and Chalmers came the Chrysler Corporation in 1925.  Here are some links that will help you locate more information on the Chalmers.

Chalmers History

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Chalmers Models

1914 Chalmers Coupe

1914 Chalmers Model 24

Chalmers Clubs

The WPC Club - Walter P. Chrysler Club and Information Resource